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May 5, 2013
Work With Me on Tinkering Platforms
I need undergrads interested in electronics looking for summer work
Under the aegis of the Georgia Tech branch of the Intel Science and Technology Center for Social Computing, my PhD student Tom Jenkins and I have spent the year thinking about and making what we call "tinkering platforms"—those simple hardware prototyping systems like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and so forth. Our ...
September 14, 2012
Media Studies at Georgia Tech
Some changes in my role and new initiatives
As my college just announced yesterday, I'll be taking on a slightly different role at Georgia Tech. You can read the full release, but the relevant bits are as follows: I have been named Ivan Allen College Distinguished Chair in Media Studies I am also now jointly appointed in the ...
February 2, 2012
Academic Professional Job Opening
Work with me at Georgia Tech Digital Media
We have a job opening for a staff position in my program at Georgia Tech. The job is for an Academic Professional, who will serve as assistant to the Graduate Program in Digital Media. You get to work with me and nine other core faculty in the program, as well ...
December 5, 2010
Another Faculty Job Opening at Georgia Tech
in Digital Media / Public Media
My program at Georgia Tech has yet another job opening, in the area of civic digital media. I hope you might apply for it, or share it with those who might be a good match. The School of Literature, Communication, and Culture of the Georgia Institute of Technology seeks applications ...
October 25, 2010
Jobs at Georgia Tech
Two tenure-track lines in my school
The Georgia Tech School of Literature Communication and Culture, where I work, has just announced two tenure-track job openings. I've pasted the job ads below. I hope any of you who might be interested will apply, and I encourage the rest to spread the word. Job One - Digital Media ...
May 6, 2008
A Response to Roger Travis
who misconstrues my work and that of my colleagues
(1) I'm not going to bother to write a thorough prose response to your recent Escapist article Quibus Lusoribus Bono? Who is Game Studies Good For?, but only numbered objections and comments. Readers, you'll have to go read Travis's article before any of these will make sense. (2) Your article ...
April 27, 2008
Liberal Arts College vs. Research I University: Deathmatch
Ten principles for better academic career advisement
Jason Mittell, a media studies scholar at Middlebury College, recently wrote about his experience being a researcher at a liberal arts college. Mittell's offering points to and comments upon a related article in the Chronicle of Higher Education by Kristen Ghodsee, who explained her path from UC Berkeley graduate student ...
April 16, 2008
The future lasts forever
This spring I was awarded tenure at the Georgia Institute of Technology and leveled-up to Associate Professor in the School of Literature Communication and Culture. As I tried to think about an appropriate way to announce this accomplishment to my readers here, the phrase that kept entering my head was ...