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June 16, 2012
It soared, a bird, it held its flight, a swift pure cry, soar silver orb it leaped serene, speeding, sustained...
Reflections on Twittering Rocks
In 2007, Ian McCarthy and I launched Twittering Rocks, a live performance of the central "Wandering Rocks" chapter of James Joyce's Ulysses, which we executed every Bloomsday (that's today, June 16) from 2007 through 2011. Last year, due to a change in the Twitter API (the move to OAuth, ...
May 1, 2011
Another reading of Ulysses on Twitter
Since 2007, Ian McCarthy and I have performed an act we call Twittering Rocks on June 16. It's a day otherwise known as Bloomsday, the day on which the events of James Joyce's novel Ulysses take place. Our rendition focuses on the central chapter of the book, Wandering Rocks, in ...
June 12, 2009
Cascading Failure
The Unseen Power of Google's Malware Detection
I often worry about the consequences of what Siva Vaidhyanathan calls Googlization, the way Google is changing and disrupting the creation and dissemination of ideas. I've resisted using Google services like Gmail and Google Docs, despite their popularity and, in some cases, their convenience. I've mostly been disinterested in allowing ...
August 28, 2008
Ophelia joined the group Maidens Who Don't Float
Hamlet on Facebook
Ian McCarthy just showed me I was happy to learn of Sarah Schmelling's version of Hamlet in Facebook newsfeed form. You can read it over at McSweeney's. Given my interest in Facebook and in adapting literature for the computer, I found it particularly nice to see how Schmelling's Hamlet made ...
June 9, 2008
Resisting the Membership Economy
Photography, Flickr, and Me
As regular readers may have noticed, I have an interest in photography. I've started a photography section on this website, where you can view some of the photographs I have taken. Right now I've added galleries for Objects, Places, and People, as well as a photo project I'm slowly working ...
June 5, 2008
Twittering Rocks
A reprise of the central chapter of Ulysses, performed on Twitter
Last year, Ian McCarthy and I puppeted over 50 characters from the Wandering Rocks chapter of James Joyce's Ulysses on the microblogging platform Twitter. We're planning a reprise for this year, including much more notice than we gave in 2007 (Bloomsday is June 16). You might want to consult ...
August 19, 2007
A Professor's Impressions of Facebook
Musings after several months of use, as I prepare to start the semester
This spring, I created an account on Facebook. I'm a web 2.0 cynic (and a cynic in general), so this surprised some of my friends and colleagues. But I was encouraged by so many of them, I wanted to give it a try. For example, Ian McCarthy just wanted an ...
June 16, 2007
Bloomsday on Twitter
A performance of Wandering Rocks on Twitter, and a commentary on both. Created with Ian McCarthy.
I do not like Twitter, the micro-blogging service that allows users to send short (SMS-sized) text-based updates that are displayed publicly and shared with friends social-network style. ...