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October 15, 2012
Tenure-Track Position in Digital Media at Georgia Tech
My department at Georgia Tech has an open tenure-track position. Please distribute, apply, etc.! Georgia TechDigital Media Tenure-Track PositionGeorgia Tech's School of Literature, Media, and Communication (LMC), which provides diverse humanistic perspectives on a technological world, is seeking to fill one Digital Media tenure track position at the rank of ...
September 24, 2012
On MLA Job Leaks
Today the Chronicle of Higher Education reports on MLA Job Leaks, an unauthorized, "rogue" website that is republishing the Modern Language Association (MLA) Job Information List (JIL). Currently university departments have to pay to list jobs, and job seekers have to be members of the MLA or the related Association ...
September 14, 2012
Media Studies at Georgia Tech
Some changes in my role and new initiatives
As my college just announced yesterday, I'll be taking on a slightly different role at Georgia Tech. You can read the full release, but the relevant bits are as follows: I have been named Ivan Allen College Distinguished Chair in Media Studies I am also now jointly appointed in the ...
September 12, 2012
Ritual and Fashion
Žižek on "radical" academics
This excerpt from a 2008 article by Slavoj Žižek has been sitting in my notebook for a while, and I thought I'd post it. My personal experience is that practically all of the "radical" academics silently count on the long-term stability of the American capitalist model, with the secure tenured ...
August 26, 2012
An Increasingly Ordinary Affair
The office work of research
Partly responding to my recent post on ideas versus their commercialization among writers and intellectuals, I came across this excellent and tragic paragraph on the state of intellectual work in this post: ‎Meanwhile, academic life is becoming an increasingly ordinary affair, a job in which you hurry from task to ...
February 2, 2012
Academic Professional Job Opening
Work with me at Georgia Tech Digital Media
We have a job opening for a staff position in my program at Georgia Tech. The job is for an Academic Professional, who will serve as assistant to the Graduate Program in Digital Media. You get to work with me and nine other core faculty in the program, as well ...
November 25, 2011
Bill Watterson on Academic Writing
Just a reminder... ...
July 27, 2011
Concealment and Fear
David Foster Wallace on "Academic English"
In comments to my response to Geoff Dyer's critique of academic writing, Bill Coberly suggested that "a lot of the tolerance for lousy writing in academia does come from that (probably unconscious) desire to keep academia sacred and mysterious." There's probably something to this. On a related note, the faslanyc ...
May 30, 2011
Writing Books People Want to Read
Or, How to Stake Vampire Publishing
Alex Reid wrote an excellent rejoinder against academic book publishing last week. The post was inspired by a discussion at the recent Computers and Writing conference about traditional publishing versus blogging and other forms of digital publishing. It's an old, perhaps even a boring topic at this point, so Alex ...