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March 19, 2013
Carpentry vs. Art: What's the Difference?
A preview of an answer that might be forthcoming
Shortly after Alien Phenomenology was publsihed, Darius Kazemi asked: what's the difference between carpentry and art? Carpentry, for the record, is my name for the philosophical practice of making things, of which articles and books are but one example. I borrowed and expanded the term from the ordinary sense of ...
December 1, 2012
The Art of Video Games
A review of the catalog that accompanies the Smithsonian American Art Museum exhibition
An art installation and iPhone/iPad game about earning or buying station.
October 31, 2012
Coming Soon: Simony
A teaser for my latest game
I've been quiet lately because I've been working like a madman to complete my latest game, a commission in the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville's Project Atrium series. The game takes the form of an installation that will run at the MOCA from November 17, 2012 through March 10, 2013. ...
July 18, 2012
Kickstarter: Crowdfunding Platform Or Reality Show?
It's QVC for the web generation, the new Thunderdome, Off Track Betting for ideas addicts. Whatever you call it, Kickstarter's becoming less about funding widgets than pouring gas on creative sparks just to watch them ignite.
June 29, 2012
Irish Joys and Noisemakers
Ontographs by Gregory Blackstock
Via Marina Zurkow via Greg Borenstein, a ">series of very lovely images that collect different sorts of similar things together, by Gregory Blackstock. They're the kind of images I call ontographs, works that catalog the rich variety of being. You'll find Irish joys, noisemakers, monsters of the deep, historic homes. ...
April 17, 2012
OOO and New Aesthetics
Three links
There's been a small flurry of discussion about the New Aesthetic lately, several takes on which have connected it to object-oriented ontology. If you don't know what "the New Aesthetic" is not to worry, the articles linked here explain it in addition to arguing for (or against) its relationship to ...
April 13, 2012
The New Aesthetic Needs to Get Weirder
From the New Aesthetic to Alien Aesthetics, at the Atlantic
March 19, 2012
Plenoptic Photography
First image out of my Lytro
I just received my Lytro lightfield camera. It's the first commercialized plenoptic camera, which is an optical device with an array of lenses to capture a scene at multiple focal points. There's a lot of terrible rhetoric in the tech and electronics communities about this camera, claiming that it will ...
February 27, 2012
Videogames as Art Medium and Inspiration
or, A Slow Year at the Telfair
This week, the Telfair Museums will open Game Change: Videogames as Art Medium and Inspiration. My game A Slow Year is among the pieces that will be on exhibit from February 27 to April 1, 2012. I'll be in Savannah Thursday evening for the Game Change panel, from 6-8pm at ...
January 8, 2012
Robert Jackson's DSCOOOO1.jpg Project
At the O-Zone Journal
The new O-Zone journal has a section called OO Frequency, for content that takes a form other than writing. A while ago they posted my short video for OOOIII, Seeing Things, which deals with the photographer Garry Winogrand and the website Dear Photography. More recently, they've posted a lovely new ...
November 28, 2011
Innovative Leisure Opening
Video with talks by me, Jesse Fuchs, Sonny Rae Tempest
I had previously mentioned Innovative Leisure, a show of new games for Atari I curated at Babycastles. The opening took place almost two weeks ago, but due to travel and then the Thanksgiving holiday, it's taken me this long to follow up. Thanks to Ida Benedetto, you can watch this ...
November 10, 2011
Innovative Leisure
An exhibition of new games for the Atari
I'm curating an exhibit of new Atari games at Babycastles, which opens this Sunday, November 13th. It's called Innovative Leisure (a term I lifted from an early Atari slogan) and will take place at a new art games arcade at Death By Audio. The show exhibits games by Sonny Ray ...
October 6, 2011
The Illusion of a Literal Description
Garry Winogrand, circa 1974
Tod Papageorge shared with me a talk Garry Winogrand gave at MIT in 1974, which he (Papageorge) introduced. An audio recording from the University of California Riverside's archive captures much of the lively question and answer period, which included a wealth of fantastic material. Here are two of my favorites: ...
August 17, 2011
My Mooed Ring
Cowstum Skullworks
My friend Matt Maloney makes custom skull rings. Once I saw the bespoke designs he'd done, and given the knowledge of the coming cowpocalypse, I knew I had to have an artifact to document my year-long bovine madness. Matt and I met yesterday and I took delivery of the ring. ...
August 2, 2011
From Aberrance to Aesthetics
On diversity in games. From my "Persuasive Games" column at Gamasutra.
June 22, 2011
A Slow Year Limited Edition
Photos of the signed, numbered set of twenty-five
I started working on my Atari "game poems" project A Slow Year almost exactly three years ago. I had spent an idle summer afternoon writing 6502 assembly on the couch, and the first versions of the summer game took form. Slowly, over time, the work revealed itself to me: a ...
May 18, 2011
What do Videogames do to Art?
A response to the NEA frenzy
Last week the National Endowment for the Arts announced their new call for proposals in an "Arts in Media" category. This category, in the NEA's words, "seeks to make the excellence and diversity of the arts widely available to the American public through the national distribution of innovative media projects ...
May 15, 2011
Free-Range Games
Videogames against Cognition, against Aesthetics
The Guardian ran a story today about videogames and cognition, which covers the usual assumption that games are popular/good/whatever because they tap into some innate cognitive drive, whether it be for learning or obsession. Good games, the article concludes, are the ones that do what we want, but that we ...
December 11, 2010
A game to support of the Whitney's annual fund
Clickistan may be the craziest thing I've seen recently. It's an abstract online art game by Ubermorgen.com, which is also and simultaneously a promotional game for the Whitney Museum of American Art's 2010 annual fund. The Whitney commissioned Clickistan, which they describe like this: a work of computer game ...