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November 10, 2012
Digging for Gold in a Turd
My "Fuck this Jam" Keynote
Rami Ismail and Fernando Ramallo have organized a game jam called Fuck This Jam, in which participants are invited to build a game in a genre they hate. Given our experience making games in genres we hate, Rami and Fernando invited me (Cow Clicker) and Zach Gage (Spelltower) to deliver ...
October 2, 2012
Words With Friends Forever
On cadence and deep design in the current social games environment. From my "Persuasive Games" column at Gamasutra
February 26, 2011
Simulating Social Shame
How Spent missed the mark
There's a nice persuasive game making the rounds, called Spent. It was made by ad agency McKinney for the Urban Ministries of Durham. The game attempts to illustrate how easily financial hardship and low income work can devolve into homelessness. It does a pretty good job, too, taking the same ...
August 11, 2010
The Sciences, The Humanities, and Design
Nelson on Cross on Design
Mark Nelson wrote up an interesting bit on design as the third discipline, in which he suggests that design is a kind of third-term offset against the old science/humanities split. Mark notes that Whitehead is a precursor to such thinking, albeit in his educational writings rather than his metaphysics: There ...
April 30, 2010
Design Beyond the Object
In addition to our new book Newsgames, the Fall 2010 MIT Press catalog (PDF) includes a wonderful new title called NONOBJECT, by designer Branko Lukić (frog design, IDEO) and writer Barry M. Katz (California College of Design). I paste the press's blurb below in its entirety, it's so lurid and ...
February 3, 2010
Objects & Things
DiSalvo joins the party
My colleague Carl DiSalvo, who will participate in this April's OOO Symposium, has started up a blog: Objects & Things. The site will offer another perspective on objects, that of design. I've added it to the SR Aggregator. ...
January 25, 2010
The New Nerd Mafia
Me in the Best of Atlanta
The Atlantan just put out their annual Best of Atlanta issue, and it includes a "design" section which features a handful of Georgia Tech researchers, myself among them. You can read it online; you'll just have to navigate to page 34-35, where the article begins. There are some zingers. As ...