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December 5, 2013
Tacos, Enchiladas, Burritos, Chiles, &c.
A Mexican Food Index to Alien Phenomenology
Here's a complete list of all mentions of Mexican food in my book Alien Phenomenology, or What it's Like To Be A Thing: They cover plates of enchiladas as shrubs cover the hundreds of square miles of their high desert home. (3) Tumbling in vented steel cylinders, chiles crackle over ...
February 24, 2013
Bigos is no Ordinary Dish
A poem about the Polish hunter's stew
I haven't "blogged" for some time, mostly because I'm not sure how to blog anymore. I think you just post stuff, but it's longer than a tweet? I'm going to take a swing at it by posting this nearly two-century old poem about the Eastern European hunter's stew Bigos: Bigos ...
September 19, 2012
A brief note on Chick-fil-A
After weeks of protests, counter-protests, public outcry, kiss-ins, and other assorted drama surrounding Chick-fil-A's beliefs about and contributions against gay marriage, news today claims that the company has agreed to various concessions, including ceasing donations to organizations that promote discrimination, specifically against LGBT civil rights. Watching people post this story ...
August 2, 2012
Bone's Brigade
It's been exactly eight months since I last dined at Bone's, a time-honored Atlanta steakhouse. Last time, I took my family and my daughter wrote one of her infamous reviews of the place—giving it a very rare positive review. Today the maitre d' saw that I was there with my ...
May 17, 2012
Food Insofar As They Give You Food
A tiny note on first class air travel
I fly a bajillion miles a year and as such I have access to the first class cabin on almost every flight, which makes me a lucky bastard as much as a privileged one. I thought I'd share, from a plane of course, just one humbling notes on modern first ...
January 2, 2012
Review of Bone's Restaurant
By my nine year-old
It's been a while since my daughter has offered her opinion in writing on matters of contemporary culture. No doubt you remember her reviews of TRON: Legacy, recording artist Madeline's album White Flag, and Werner Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams. And if you do, you may have noticed a pattern ...
January 1, 2012
Civet Poo Coffee
A tiny review
Kopi luwak, or civet coffee, is a rare, expensive, and low-production variety of coffee. A rather unusual process is required to produce the coffee. First, the Asian Palm Civet, native to the Indonesian Archipelago, selects and eats certain wild coffee cherries. The civet consumes the cherries for their outer pulp, ...
November 5, 2011
McObjet a
Lacan and the McRib
Each year, the McRib returns for a brief visit to Earth. Its arrival elicits reactions ranging from horror to awe. No matter the tenor, each response's inspiration is the same: this would-be rib sandwich is really a restructured pork patty pressed into the rough shape of a slab of ...
June 20, 2011
The Imperative
A strange review of Alphonso Lingis's 1998 book
Jean Georges is one of four Michelin Three Star restaurants in New York city. It's very French, so French that you're just as likely to hear the language spoken as English. That and the environment in the main dining room—a single, enormous, plush chamber on the ground floor of the ...
March 19, 2011
The Cleanup Quotient
On the pleasures and pains of home dining
When dining out, there are a number of criteria by which to judge one's meal. The quality of the food, of course, and its presentation, and the service, and the ambience for certain. Perhaps the value of the experience relative to expectations, and so forth. But the stakes are different ...
December 14, 2010
Specters of Tacology
To the burritos themselves!
Georgia Tech computer science PhD student Mark Nelson sends along what is surely the best piece of writing ever about ontology and burritos, Specters of Tacology. As Mark notes, I sometimes joke that after my career as a game scholar (a ludologist, if you insist) is over, I'll take up ...
August 10, 2010
Top 10 Ways Bartenders Screw Up My Old Fashioneds
Plus, how to make one properly.
The Old Fashioned is one of a few common cocktails for me, both when I'm at home and when I'm out. However, when ordering one at a bar, the likelihood of something going mildly to terribly wrong is disturbingly high. That in mind, I present the Top 10 Ways Bartenders ...
July 9, 2010
The Mereology of Cola
On generic names for carbonated soft drinks
Harman links to this lovely map infographic of generic names for soft drinks in the United States (click below for a bigger version). It's been around for a while but is worth revisiting in light of a few points Graham makes in his post. First, Graham wonders what comprises the ...
May 1, 2010
Hildegard ate most of the tacos!
Mereology and the Partitive Plural
Levi Bryant has written a drove of meaty new posts in the past couple days. There's one about his blue mug, one about entanglement, one that asks if eclipses are objects, and one about ideology. But it's his post about strange mereologies that I want to point you to today. ...
March 17, 2010
Jobs of the Future: Coffee Engineer
Caffeinating at Georgia Tech
There are many good things about Georgia Tech, but coffee is not one of them. On campus, after 3pm, it's almost impossible to find coffee. I find this utterly baffling. My seminar this term meets 2-5pm Wednesdays. We take a break around 3:30. The coffee stand in the student center ...
October 2, 2009
The Ribs of Reform
Politics and Slow Cooking
There's been a surge of discussion in the past couple days about the relationship between object-oriented ontology and politics. For one part, Levi Bryant responded to Reid Kane's concerns about what he perceived to be the "absent political dimensions" and "neoliberal alliances" of OOO and Actor-Network Theory. A liveley discussion ...
September 13, 2009
Don Draper and Elle Macpherson
So good for beautiful people
On last week's episode of Mad Men (season 3, episode 4), the fictional Sterling Cooper ad agency shot a TV spot for the then-new diet cola Patio. 1962-3 was the year of diet soda, with the introduction of RC Cola's Diet Rite, Pepsi's Patio and Coca Cola's TaB. As often ...
September 3, 2009
Heidegger's Lunch
Sippable Soup
Surely someone has already made this joke, but that won't stop me: ...
July 20, 2009
Object-Oriented Bossa Nova
The Things in The Waters of March
Earlier I mentioned my interest in creative artifacts that do speculative realist work, as well as my tempered fondness for the lurid lists of objects that litter Graham Harman's work. The other day another example fell into my lap as I was listening to the Seriously Sinatra channel on satellite ...
February 21, 2009
Boil Me Elmo
A product concept
Who wouldn't buy one, I ask you? Just imagine how the whistle would sound. ...