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July 7, 2009
United Breaks Guitars
A music video complaint letter
Given my propensity for relatively outlandish, time-consuming, and complex corporate complaints (see Lucifer Notes and Disaffected, for example), I can only say that I am awed and humbled by this music video complaint letter by Dave Carroll and his band. You can read the full story here, but you'll enjoy ...
May 6, 2009
Pink, Puzzles, and Piano bars
Apple's Idea of Mother's Day
Thanks to a direct email advertisement, I had the opportunity this week to behold Apple's idea of what mothers like. You can see it below: Just in case you can't see it clearly, Apple manages to pull out every mom stereotype they could connect to their products. Moms like pink, ...
February 7, 2009
Bacon Tempts and Bastards Suffer
Two lovely menu items
From recent trips out to eat. First, new at IHOP, the "Bacon Temptation Omelette": New! Bacon Temptation Omelette Loaded with six strips of crispy bacon, a rich cheese sauce, Jack and Cheddar cheeses and diced tomatoes $8.59 But, perhaps you need something to wash it down? No problem. Enter the ...
March 20, 2008
A structural defect? An object lesson?
Do they put "unbreakable" on it just to taunt people like me? Is it a complex marketing strategy to sell more combs? Is it an object lesson in temptation? (click for a bigger version) ...
December 29, 2007
Troll Pimples
Or, why Arby's Cheesecake Poppers are seriously nasty
Being a fan of the limp, slightly wet roast beef sandwich, today I luncheoned at Arby's. In addition to the more savory offerings, they had a new dessert option (new to me, at least): Arby's Cheesecake Poppers. Behold: These are little deep-fried cheesecake bits served with a sweet raspberry sauce. ...
September 17, 2007
Lucifer Notes
A letter of complaint to U Haul, roughly one decade old
Often I am a cynic, and sometimes I am a grouch. But no matter what glass I might find half-empty, I endeavor at least to do so with grace and with wit. While walking to dinner at the Games Learning Society conference this summer, Doug Thomas, Mia Consalvo, Alice Robison ...