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October 25, 2009
Rise, Crossover
Learning from the jazz pop instrumental
I seem to wind up in the car for at least part of the early afternoon every Saturday. As a result, I've developed a habit of listening to the reruns of America's Top 40 with Casey Kasem that play on satellite radio channel 70s on 7. This week's chart was ...
September 7, 2009
"Life goes on within you and without you"
On The Beatles: Rock Band
Last week, the NY Times published Seth Schiesel's effusive review of The Beatles: Rock Band. Calling the game a "transformative entertainment experience," Schiesel argued that it "may be the most important video game yet made." Schiesel's logic is sensical: the combination of Beatles + videogame gives baby boomers something ...
August 29, 2009
Object-Oriented Sing-Along
What's it like? It's not important.
For some reason, my memory recently called up the 80s/90s alternative rock band They Might Be Giants. I wonder if the song "Particle Man," from their 1990 release Flood, might not be the preemptive, unofficial theme song of speculative realism: Particle man, particle manDoing the things a particle canWhat's he ...
July 20, 2009
Object-Oriented Bossa Nova
The Things in The Waters of March
Earlier I mentioned my interest in creative artifacts that do speculative realist work, as well as my tempered fondness for the lurid lists of objects that litter Graham Harman's work. The other day another example fell into my lap as I was listening to the Seriously Sinatra channel on satellite ...
March 22, 2008
Private Eyes / They're Blogging You
... blogging you blogging you blogging you
Eric Marcoullier and I were tonight embroiled in a riveting, yet wistful conversation about 70s/80s pop duo Hall and Oates. After reviewing classics such as this music video for the #1 hit title track of the 1981 album Private Eyes, it occurred to me: Daryl Hall and John Oates look ...