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November 26, 2013
A Slow Year Now Available as a Digital Download
DRM free for Windows and Mac. Get it at the Humble Store or via Storybundle.
In 2010 I released a game called A Slow Year. It was a strange game on many levels: made for the Atari VCS, and dubbed "game poems," and composed as a kind of chapbook. The game was a finalist in the Nuovo category at the 2010 Independent Game Festival, and ...
February 24, 2013
Bigos is no Ordinary Dish
A poem about the Polish hunter's stew
I haven't "blogged" for some time, mostly because I'm not sure how to blog anymore. I think you just post stuff, but it's longer than a tweet? I'm going to take a swing at it by posting this nearly two-century old poem about the Eastern European hunter's stew Bigos: Bigos ...
November 15, 2010
Trying to Meet
An Email Found Poem
Sounds like Thursday lunch is a bust What does everyone's schedule look like Next week? I'm also available Thursday at 3:30 Unclear, I have this other thing at 2, or 4. Tuesday 14th lunch is fine with me Wed 8 11-12 also good I currently have a meeting 12-1 and ...
November 8, 2010
A Slow Year Limited Editions
Let me know if you want one.
A Slow Year is about to ship, and I'll be posting information about it in the very near future. As I've mentioned before, the game will be released in two editions, both packaged as unusual books of poetry: a Windows/Mac edition running in a custom emulator, and a numbered, signed ...
June 2, 2010
A Slow Tease
Updates on the Development and Release of A Slow Year
One of the lovely things about making a videogame called A Slow Year is that I can take as damn well long as I please to get it done. But that doesn't mean I don't owe an update to those of you who have been following the game. At the ...
March 15, 2010
Play With Us
My GDC 2010 Microtalk
A Slow Year
A chapbook of game poems for Atari VCS, PC, and Mac
October 6, 2007
Videogames: Can They Be Important?
My plenary address at the Southern Interactive Entertainment & Game Expo
The following is the plenary address I gave today at the first SIEGE conference here in Atlanta on October 6, 2007. The title of the session was “Games: Can They Be Important?” My fellow plenary speakers were Ernest Adams and Daniel Greenberg.   Today it is possible to work though ...