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June 21, 2013
Principles for University Presses
My Twitter microrant sideline during the AAUP 2013 plenary
The annual American Association of University Publishers meeting is going on this week. This morning, a plenary was held on "Three Big Ideas in Publishing." I wasn't in attendance, but the conference has a thriving Twitter backchannel on #aaup13. I have very strong feelings about university presses, partly because I've ...
May 11, 2012
Royalty Rate Reset
A question for authors...
I'll admit it, I don't usually read my book royalty reports. Sometimes I look at the total sales, but the rest is too complex and detailed to bother with. I deposit the checks. But today I received one and noticed something that I'd never really thought about before. A bit ...
August 21, 2011
Dear Kindle Readers
A tiny rant
The following message appears on Amazon.com listings for which a Kindle edition appears not to be available. Some of the time, this means that a Kindle edition is not available. But most of the time it is a lie. Why? Because the process of publishing a Kindle edition involves submitting ...
October 3, 2010
Period Pieces
Cultural Studies, circa 1995
I recently fell upon this reprint of a Lingua Franca article from 1995, "The Routledge Revolution: Has Academic Publishing Gone Tabloid?" written about Bill Germano during the golden age of cultural studies book publishing. One thing is for certain: By spotting intellectual trends ahead of the curve and responding with ...