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August 26, 2012
An Increasingly Ordinary Affair
The office work of research
Partly responding to my recent post on ideas versus their commercialization among writers and intellectuals, I came across this excellent and tragic paragraph on the state of intellectual work in this post: ‎Meanwhile, academic life is becoming an increasingly ordinary affair, a job in which you hurry from task to ...
August 22, 2012
Speaking of Fees...
The facile scourge of paid speaking
Writing for Esquire, Stephen Marche writes about The real problem with Niall Ferguson's letter to the 1%, which amounts to "paid speaking gigs." Here's the money quote: Ferguson's critics have simply misunderstood for whom Ferguson was writing that piece. They imagine that he is working as a professor or as ...
March 28, 2012
Humility and Ordinariness, or the Future of Videogames
Lecture at Emory University

February 28, 2012
Game Developers Conference 2012
My schedule for this year's event
It's almost time for the Game Developers Conference again! To think, last year I was struggling to escape the grip of a certain cow game, and this year I've perhaps almost partly escaped the grip of a certain cow game. This year I've got a relatively light schedule. First, Ben ...
November 28, 2011
Innovative Leisure Opening
Video with talks by me, Jesse Fuchs, Sonny Rae Tempest
I had previously mentioned Innovative Leisure, a show of new games for Atari I curated at Babycastles. The opening took place almost two weeks ago, but due to travel and then the Thanksgiving holiday, it's taken me this long to follow up. Thanks to Ida Benedetto, you can watch this ...
November 21, 2011
The Nonhuman Turn in 21st Century Studies
Call for Papers
Below is the CFP for a conference to be held by the Center for 21st Century Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, on May 3-5, 2012. Confirmed invited speakers include me, Jane Bennett, Bill Brown, Wendy Chun, Mark Hansen, Erin Manning, Brian Massumi, Tim Morton, and Steven Shaviro. Hope to see you ...
October 17, 2011
The Future of Literature in an Age of Digital Media
An event at Georgia Tech this week
This Wednesday, October 19, the Wesley Center for New Media, the Georgia Tech Digital Media Program, and the School of Literature, Communication, and Culture will host a symposium on the future of literature. The event has been orgainzed by Jay David Bolter and Maria Engborg. It is free and open ...
October 11, 2011
Words, Images, Computation, and Other Materials
Invited Talk, UC Davis

September 15, 2011
Seeing Things
My talk at the Third Object-Oriented Ontology Symposium
Here's my short talk from the Third Object-Oriented Ontology Symposium (Sept 14, The New School), on the photography of Garry Winogrand. As I've already mentioned here, I had to miss the symposium because I was in China, so I submitted this short video instead of giving a presentation in person. ...
September 13, 2011
Two Brief OOO Notes
First, Levi Bryant's treatise on object-oriented ontology, The Democracy of Objects, is now available to read online. Print and PDF editions forthcoming. Congrats to Levi for its unveiling. Second, the third object-oriented ontology symposium will take place tomorrow (14 Sept) at the New School. As I mentioned earlier I'm in ...
September 2, 2011
At the New School
The third object-oriented ontology symposium will take place on September 14 at The New School in New York City. This event follows the first two symposia, held at Georgia Tech in April 2010 and at UCLA last December. Special thanks to McKenzie Wark for hosting it.I'll be in China that ...
April 3, 2011
Looking Busy
Newsgames and the Paralysis of Media
I'm at the University of Minnesota this weekend, where Nora Paul has organized a workshop on Newsgames. It's an excellent group, comprised of equal parts journalists, game developers, and academics. On the flight over, I read Ivor Southwood's Non-Stop Inertia. It's about the precarious nature of work in the contemporary ...
March 7, 2011
ADM : Heinz :: Facebook : Zynga
GDC Social Game Debate
Now that I'm back from the Game Developers Conference, I'll post some summaries of my talks. Let's start with the Are social games legitimate? debate, which moderator Margaret Robertson quickly transformed into an "Are social games evil?" debate. I was clearly the only real detractor on the panel, and I'm ...
February 24, 2011
My GDC Schedule
Debates and Rants
The Game Developers Conference takes place next week in San Francisco. Here's my speaking schedule for the event. I guess it's filled with general ire this year all around. Serious Games SummitMonday - Tuesday (all day)Ben Sawyer, Jane McGonigal, and I organize the summit, which takes place on Monday and ...
November 18, 2010
Los Angeles Litany
Game Design, Newsgames, Objects, and Whitehead
I'm doing a whole crap-ton of things in Los Angeles the week after Thanksgiving. First I'll be visiting Tracy Fullerton's game design class at USC on Monday. Next I'll be giving a talk on Newsgames at the USC Annenberg School, at noon on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, I'll be participating ...
November 12, 2010
Process, Place, Relic, and Escalation
My Indiecade "Project Next" Talk
In addition to getting to exhibit (and collect two awards!) for A Slow Year at this year's Indiecade festival, I was also invited to do a talk at the conference portion of the event, in a session called "Project Next." Jon Blow, Chris Hecker, Alex Neuse, Paolo Pedercini and I ...
November 5, 2010
Object-Oriented Feminism
At the 2010 Society for Literature Science and the Arts Conference
Last week at the Society for Literature Science and the Arts conference, Katherine Behar organized two back-to-back panels on Object-Oriented Feminism (OOF). There were six papers total, and a response to each panel by Katherine Hayles and myself, respectively. To participants, Behar posed the question, "What would a program for ...
October 16, 2010
Promiscuous Ontologies
OOO at the RMMLA
It was particularly appropriate to come to Albuquerque to speak on object-oriented ontology with Levi Bryant and Tim Morton. Why? Well, you'll have to wait for Alien Phenomenology to understand, but it will be clear on the first page. The RMMLA was lively and fun, much unlike it's bigger brother ...
October 13, 2010
A Slow Year Wins at Indiecade
My Atari VCS game earns Virtuoso, Vanguard awards
Last week and weekend I exhibited A Slow Year, my Atari VCS game poem project, at Indiecade. The show and the conference were fantastic, and it was a pleasure to meet new friends, see old ones, hear great talks, and see great games. I was particularly happy to meet Gaijin ...
October 7, 2010
Ruminations on Cow Clicker
My GDC Online Talk
Yesterday I gave my talk at GDC Online, about Cow Clicker. You can read Gamasutra's recap of it, and you might also want to read Raph Koster's thoughts. Next stop, Indiecade, where I'll be showing A Slow Year. ...