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March 4, 2010
We Have Never Been Threshing
Winner, Weirdest Use of a Combine Metaphor
From Moral Leadership in a Postmodern Age, by Ron Hill: If modernity acted like a combine harvester, sweeping away the old crop and transforming it into uniformly square bales, postmodernity allows some of the crops to survive and even to be replanted amidst the bales. It's sort of awesome. Maybe ...
August 24, 2009
The Tetrad and the Pentad
Zingone's take on a fifth law of media
I've been teaching Marshall McLuhan last week and today in my Introduction to Computational Media class. This year, for the first time in that class, I decided to assign excerpts from Laws of Media in addition to Gutenberg Galaxy and Understanding Media. In particular I wanted to expose my students ...
July 11, 2009
Engineering the Closet
How personal manufacture fixed my wardrobe woes
Like many homes in what we locals call "in-town" Atlanta, mine is an older one, built over half a century ago. There are many charms and challenges that come with owning an older home, but it's the unexpected trials that prove the most onerous. One of the unusual features of ...
December 18, 2008
Por Favor Manténgase Alejado de las Puertas
Fandom and Detritus
One of my gripes with Henry Jenkins's book Convergence Culture was its tendency to privilege pop cultural fan activity to other sorts of attention. Appealing though they may be, I wondered if Harry Potter and Survivor really sat at the pinnacle of human creativity in the way that the ...
October 5, 2008
The Value of Theory in Digital Media Studies
A "debate" between myself and Jay Bolter
This past week, renowned new media scholar and colleague Jay Bolter and I staged a debate on theory in the study of digital media. Here's how we described it: The Digital Media program in LCC is described on its website as follows: “The Georgia Tech Digital Media Ph.D. provides both ...